Desire Board Workshop

I'm excited to be teaming with esque., a unique space here is San Diego that cultivates art, music, fashion and culture, to bring you a fun workshop that will help manifest your core desires. On Saturday, June 13th, I will be hosting a Desire Board Workshop at esque.. This workshop is about creating intent in your life to bring your desires and dreams into fruition. You will be defining and ultimately beginning to curate the life you want through the process of making a desire board. You can purchase a ticket to the Desire Board Workshop and reserve your seat here or continue reading below for more info.

Why join the Desire Board Workshop?
Whether you seek change in your career, relationships, finances, or the fulfillment of your biggest dreams, this workshop will help set your heart's deepest desires into motion.

The three main objectives of this workshop are:

(1) To clearly identify your core desires through creative exercises
(2) Curate and craft a desire board that reflects your personality and intentions
(3) Through additional creative exercises, you'll set planned actions in furtherance of manifesting your desires

When you complete the Desire Board Workshop, you will be empowered with further clarity of your true desires and take home a Desire Board that is unique and authentic to your personality and your hearts core visions. You will also meet like-minded, motivated people who are seeking, just like you, to create the lives they truly desire. You can use your new Desire Board as a daily focal point reminding you of your intentions to make your heart's desires a reality! 

Why am I hosting the Desire Board Workshop?
I am a Graphic Designer/Art Director with over ten years in the creative advertising industry, working freelance, in-house and agency with brands such as Petco, SKYY Vodka, bebe, Tacori and the La Costa Film Festival. With a Bachelor's Degree in Art, I find passion in specialty crafts and getting my hands a little dirty. Since I can remember, I have always been a visual person. I have greatly benefited from visualizing my desires into reality. I want to share my creative process and empower others to define their desires and curate the life they intend.

Feel free to bring any photos, magazine clippings, printouts or anything tangible that represents what you want in your life. We will provide refreshments, scissors, glue and magazines. 

Join the fun and fulfillment of the Desire Board Workshop, and start clarifying and creating the lifestyle you truly want!

Tickets and details are available at

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Black Gold

I received some amazing soap samples from Dali, founder of The Soap Kitchen, and was inspired by their Black Gold soap. It's made with activated bamboo charcoal and essential oils and great for healing and removing impurities. You have to try it! I was inspired to create this pretty soap dish...I can't get enough of this gold! :)

Succulent Party Favors

I created mini thank you flags for these cute tiny succulents as a party favor. I wasn't planning on posting about it but every time I visit a friend and see these growing succulents, I think of how nice it would be to share this with you. These succulent party favors are a great way to show a little love to your guests. Plus, it's nice to know that every time they water their baby plants or see it sitting in the windowsill, they'll be thinking you. :)

My Resolutions for 2015

I don't know what it is about this new year but I feel that great things are going to happen. Yes, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I illustrated a few things that I'd like to continue doing... 

1. Drink more water. It's as simple and healthy as that. 
2. Meet new people. There's so much I learn from new friends, whether it's through my blog or sitting next to someone at a coffee shop.   
3. Share ideas. I love collaborating with brilliant, creative minds and seeing what fun projects we create together. I'm excited to see what partnerships are ahead. 
4. Go outside often. I have to remind myself to step away from my desk to get a little fresh air and sunshine. It's amazing how great it feels to get out and about. The outdoors is also a great place to find creative inspiration.
5. Keep on sketching. Exactly. I need to do this more often. A simple doodle usually gets my mind flowing with new ideas that I can't wait to start on. I just have to remember this the next time I'm too busy or too lazy to pick up my sketchbook.

This is all on top of wanting to travel to new places, blog more often, try new foods and the typical resolution, exercise a bit more.

I've pinned these sketches next to my computer as a daily reminder. I'm hoping that by keeping my goals in sight (literally), I'm set to accomplish them.

DIY: Holiday Gift Box

Turn a simple gift box into something fun. The holidays are just around the corner but it's not too late to spruce up that present. I repurposed glittery holly berries to give this box just the right amount of glam. I think it goes well with the gold flower vase I made for a friend. This look is also great for setting your white elephant gift apart from the rest. :)

DIY: Gold Edging

I am constantly writing notes all day so you can see how I fell in love with the bright and vibrant colors of this Astrobrights® paper block sample by Neenah Paper. I added a touch of gold edging to complement the fun colors. Here's to more note taking! :)

New Things to Come

I'm excited to see what the new year has to bring! :) If you're headed to a New Year's Eve party, here's a fun and easy way to wrap up a gift for the hostess.