DIY: Holiday Gift Box

Turn a simple gift box into something fun. The holidays are just around the corner but it's not too late to spruce up that present. I repurposed glittery holly berries to give this box just the right amount of glam. I think it goes well with the gold flower vase I made for a friend. This look is also great for setting your white elephant gift apart from the rest. :)

DIY: Gold Edging

I am constantly writing notes all day so you can see how I fell in love with the bright and vibrant colors of this Astrobrights® paper block sample by Neenah Paper. I added a touch of gold edging to complement the fun colors. Here's to more note taking! :)

New Things to Come

I'm excited to see what the new year has to bring! :) If you're headed to a New Year's Eve party, here's a fun and easy way to wrap up a gift for the hostess.

Handmade Stocking Stuffers

A while back, my husband was experimenting with soapmaking. It was fun for a day but he soon realized he wasn't going to turn it into a hobby. He made a few batches and that was it. He considered tossing his only soaps but I decided to package them as tiny gifts as not to let them go to waste. Now this post will always remind us that he randomly made soap one day.

Desktop Wallpaper: Popsicles

With summer here, the days have been heating up. My craving for popsicles has inspired me to create
a desktop wallpaper free to download. I hope you enjoy your weekend! :)

Mini Envelopes

Don't go throwing away your old birthday bag fillers...reuse that tissue paper by scrunching it into a ball for a more uniform texture. Now it's ready to be folded into mini envelopes and much more.

For some gift wrapping ideas I did a while back, check out this colorful DIY.

More Tiny Origami Confetti

There has been so much to celebrate lately, from birthdays to birth announcements, that I decided to make more tiny origami confetti to spread a bit of happiness. They fit great in cards or tucked away 
in a friend's notebook for a nice surprise. I had tons of fun making these as much as I did for