I've been thinking a lot of my visits to Asturias, Spain, which were years ago and long overdue. It's just so beautiful there! If you ever have a chance, you must see the green hills, cobblestone streets and try their amazing food. A few that I can't live without...fabada, tortilla española, pote asturiano, chipirones, pulpo, jamón and aceitunas con anchoas. I've been quite inspired by my summer memories of a luscious green Asturias that I picked up a pen and went to work. :) Although, I must say, I do also love bundling up for their rainy days and winter snow. :)


  1. I've never been but everyone says its such a beautiful place!

  2. impressive!


  3. I am visiting Spain for the first time next month, but it's Barcelona...Asturias maybe another time. You write that name with so much love, it's beautiful

    1. Thanks Bipasha! I am definitely in love with Asturias. :) I hope you have a chance to visit there one day. I wish I had more time to explore Barcelona. Have fun on your trip! :)